Wednesday, 10 June 2015

paris lookbook: all fives days rolled into one.

So for those of you who follow my instagram, you may have seen it blow up particularly last week with all my paris snaps. I stayed there for a week and had the most amazing (much needed) break.

day one

First day is the big travel day, when you're dragging all your luggage about, stressed out and getting sweaty in the big crowds. So your outfit has to be adaptable for this! These monochrome trousers are my perfect solution as they are so comfy and have a slight stretch to it- as well as being a total bargain of a price whilst still looking chic! I decided to finish this off with a denim shirt, slip-on leather trainers and this cute box bag for an added bit of colour. I don't know about anyone else, but the first day of travelling always gets me so excited because I want my outfit to reflect the right mix of comfort and style! Come on now, if any place I need to get this spot on in, the streets of paris is definitely the one to impress!________________________________________________________________________

day two

First day of sightseeing is when I'm most likely to be the busiest. I panic that I won't get to see everything, and try to do a cramming session - which means my clothes have to not comfortable, but have a bit of breathing room too. I went for this ultra thin khaki jacket, tee and pumps vibes to make sure I wasn't feeling all hot and sticky during the summer weather. The bag that I am wearing on this day was an absolute godsend! It's from River Island, and was big enough to store all my holiday necessities, sturdy and safe (you tend to get a lot of pickpocketing in the hotspots), whilst looking really stylish too.

day three

During the day I paired these high-waisted jeans with this split shirt and trainers. These jeans are probably one of the best I own... and no they are not expensive, but actually from Tesco out of all places. They are perfect for my frame and the length is exactly what I needed for these short legs! 

I decided to go all fancy during the evening and get changed into something more dressy. This wrap dress is such a nice fit, the curves and knot going in all the right places. Best of all, I found it in the Zara sales for £7 hidden underneath all the crap that nobody wanted.

day four

When in Disney, one must wear the ears...

This was my favourite outfit from the whole time I was in Paris! Disneyland is such a fun place, and I think my outfit is totally vibing off that - expect with an added bonus of dina grunge. Whoever said blue and black can't be worn together is a liar, because I think I pulled it off quite well. I am a huge batman fan, so decided to wear it with this sleeveless oversized blazer from Topshop, and these awesome Matalan pointed slip-ons.

day five

 If you made it this far through my paris pictures, congratualtions!!

My mother also was getting pretty peeved having to take endless snaps of me (hence only one shot of day five wardrobe). This outfit is my style summed up in one - simple and all black. 


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