Thursday, 12 May 2016

battle of the lolitas.

Kat Von D's Lolita liquid lipstick for a while was wiped off the face of the earth. It was there, then it just vanished. Never in stock. I would never get to try the colour that is a makeup bag essential to many. But hooray, Lolita is back, plus with the new addition of Lolita II. Ding ding ding, let the showdown begin.
Lolita (OG)

I wanted this colour for as long as I can bloody remember! I would say this shade was probably what got me to pay attention to liquid lipsticks in the first place. It was always out of stock though, which made me want it even more. When my dad went to New York last summer, I even had him scouting out most of the sephoras there, but still had no luck. 

Online it's described as a 'chestnut rose', so I knew it was along the mauve shade. Pictures and videos swatches I had seen though made me think it was going to have more of a brown undertone. However I can not stress enough the fact that makeup differs between every person, and I am evident of that. 

Initial thoughts... I think on my skin (I am like a shade NC25 in Mac for a bit of perspective), Lolita actually comes up quite plum. It's definitely more on the cool side, which is a disappointment to me as I think warmer tones compliments me much better. Saying that, it still is a nice colour just not what I expected. 

The consistency is really nice though, and unlike some of the other liquid lipsticks hyped up right now, this didn't leave my lips feeling dry at all. It has quite a powdery feel when it turns matte. However I did have to do a few coats to get it even, but thankfully once I got it looking right I didn't have to keep reapplying it throughout the day.  

Lolita II

So when I saw the description for this as a 'terra cotta nude', I was like "Yes! This is just the colour I'm going for at the moment, and orangey brown. Yes I have to get this!". I looked endlessly at different reviews for it, and even people with a similar skin tone to my own made it seem as though it was a rich terra cotta. Hmmm, I think there's too many filters going on, because it was a lot brighter than I expected!

Now I after I placed the order, I came across a youtube video review of this shade, and it looked quite bright. As she was very fair though, I put it down to that and reassured myself that it wouldn't come up like that on me. Yet, it arrived, and dare I say it was much more how that particular video presented it as, rather than the pictures. Ughhh totally my fault, I should know better than to go off other people's portrayals in the age dominated by filters!

Initial thoughts... Expectations aside, it's still a beautiful colour. A lot more coral than I tend to go for, but I actually thought with it being quite warm toned it would go with my everyday makeup than the first Lolita would. I would say you only need one solid coat for this to show up well enough (gotta say a little dull though). Very smooth to apply, dries quick and has the same powder like texture as the original. On the downside thought I did actually have to reapply this throughout the day as the colour tends to wear off.

So who won in my eyes? Nope not Lolita II, if that's what you've been led to believe so far. I have found that since purchasing these two liquid lipsticks, Lolita OG has hands down been my go to. It's constantly in my bag, and I love what it does to my makeup. I was initially worried that the tone would wash me out, but found that it actually makes my everyday looks pop a lot more! So it's definitely a keeper for those times when I go from work to an evening meal or something.

Do I regret buying them, considering they both weren't what I expected to be honest - no. I think the consistency and finish of these are absolutely the best of their kind I've tried in a while! Seriously I couldn't stress this enough. Even my sister, who was put off liquid lipsticks because of how painfully drying Anastasia Beverly Hills ones are, bought Lolita II herself after trying mine. 

I bought these from the USA Sephora and had it shipped to where I live in the UK, and were $20/£13.84 each (excluding shipping and tax) - which is a great price in this current market for makeup! Plus they are currently in stock, so get your favourite now before it's too late!


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