Tuesday, 17 May 2016

life after graduation.

I've been there. Exams and dissertations are coming to an end, graduation is nearing and you're left thinking what the hell am I going to do now with my life?

The lucky few of you might have a perfect plan all mapped out, or even scored a job for the upcoming months - however I was absolutely stuck. Plus I decided being an english teacher was just not going to cut it for me personally (no diss on all those teachers out there, you're doing a fantastic job!). So after the whirlwind phenomena that is graduation, where you get all glammed up and excited, it all suddenly comes crushing down. You've spent the majority of your life in education, and that security blanket just gets stolen away from you. And crap, before you know it you're yanked straight into 'adult life'.

After that instant panic, in my eyes there were three options: travelling (I wish), short internships (plan b) or a graduate scheme (where the heck do I find one of those??):

In my current state, I wish I had took some time out to go serious travelling. I mean I had a few trips away to Edinburgh and Paris after uni to take my mind off of things, but not some serious, screw life and see the world type of travelling. Daunting yes, but not as expensive as it may seem. I know loads of people who have done it, and you can budget and still have a good time people. If this is an option you are looking into after higher education, I say do it! Seriously once you've left that one cycle, a career just drags you into whole new one. And I am very work-driven myself, but I think taking some time off to explore everything else that goes on outside your bubble is sometimes the solution for clearing your head.

This is what I initially was thinking of doing when leaving uni. I get bored extremely quickly and had no clue what I wanted to do as a full-time career, so short snippets of different jobs sounded like a perfect idea to me. This way I could really explore different paths in fashion that might be my niche, whilst hopefully making some great connections. Not going to lie though, I was put off that I would have no money coming in (the majority of internships only cover travel expenses). Not only that, but for someone who had no fashion editorial experience (apart from what I do on my blog), I felt quite overwhelmed jumping straight into that world and that I wasn't ready yet to go there. 

what I did... a graduate scheme 
So now we move onto what I did, and have been doing, since graduation - a graduate scheme. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it's a programme (mostly a year long) that employers set up for graduates to work for them, as well as getting some handy training in. In all honestly, I didn't even see think about this as an option as at all until I stumbled across one whilst doing a work placement module. You can find a graduate scheme on soo many different websites now, however I suggest you start at your very own uni. 

Some of you will think that running away from that place is the first thing you want to do when studies are officially over, but that might not always be the best option. I remember when I had my interview for my current position they asked, 'so what made you want to go for a graduate scheme?'. And the truth is for a worrier like me, being able to get a chance to experience life on the other side of uni, whilst still being in a familiar environment is probably the best way I will get better. I won't feel totally out of my depth, which would help my confidence to grow even more. 

As I will be doing another post about this later in the week, I won't go too much into detail about the particular programme I am currently doing. What I will tell you now is that it is probably the best decision I made for that particular time in my life. I get paid quite well for a starting position and I've had loads of training in the progress (including InDesign, video editing, photography, conducting an interview panel, CRM systems, creating minutes and more!). Most of all, the more tasks I've had given to me, the more concrete career paths have become. Although I'm not quite there just yet, I honestly feel like I know which roles I want to explore and definitely make a different doing! 

Websites I looked at endlessly for opportunities:
Fashion Workie
Fashion United


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