Friday, 23 September 2016

morocco day one.

Day one in Morocco, and I arrived with a bang. This outfit might have been very last minute, but it definitely got the results I was looking for.

Probably the best thing about my holiday wardrobe had to be this maxi duster jacket. I initially planned to team up my maxi dress with a dusty rose waterfall coat from Primark, but once I was wearing the idea it just wasn't sitting right with me. I scrapped it and instead decided to scram online a few days before flying out. This jacket is just too beautiful for words. It can be dressed down with a pair of mom jeans and a white tee, or dressed up with a skirt and heels. Pastel colours aren't really my thing, but the detail in the embroidery and the black silky fabric just won me over. I'm not one for heavy accessories, so the statement happening on the back allows me to get away with not wearing any jewellery. Morocco is a place of colour, so this is absolutely needed for this occasion. Plus I totally felt like a boss wearing it.

I've paired my new favourite jacket with this pleated long dress from I was eager to buy something from this website for a long time, so holiday shopping was the perfect excuse. Is it maxi or midi then? Don't ask me, as it totally depends on your height. Being only 5'2 it came up a lot longer on me than others I had seen it on (even better, as I hate showing off my leggings too much). Beware though: if you are expecting the fabric to be stretchy it's not, and is actually quite stiff. Don't get me wrong it does have some pull to it, but I just wanted it to mould into my curves a lot more than it did. Hey ho, it was on sale so you can't beat a good bargain.

Speaking of sales, my sister scored these velvety lace up sandals from h&m for only £4! Having older sisters does have it's perks sometimes I guess. A friend warned me that they would get ruined by the desert floors (which they did), but they were cheap and comfy so I took them anyway. A good scrub down should get them back in shape ready for next summer! My trusty black bag was also a bargain find, but I got it a few years ago *I know you want it too, sorry*.

Shoes (it's more expensive online, no idea why!?)


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