Tuesday, 6 September 2016

what's in my bag? travel special.

After a busy year, a holiday was way overdue! I am excited that I can finally tick Marrakech off my destination list - but before I even get on the plane there is something I love probably just as much as the trip itself. As sad as it is, the process of packing is one of the best bits for me.

Every time I go somewhere, my sweet mother complains that I have left packing until the last minute, worries I have too much to pack and might have to leave things behind or (my personal favourite) moans that I have totally overpacked my travel bag. However I always use every bit of it, and my family will no doubt ask if they can borrow something of mine. I think I absolutely have this packing game down, so I thought I'd share my wisdom...

Staying refreshed.
Weather I have a long or short flight, my skin can still end up looking pretty rough - especially around my eye area. I think one of the best ways of combating this is by bringing along some moisturiser and face masks on board. I have taken along Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment (with  avocado), because it always keeps my eyes super hydrated and looking as if I've had 12 hours sleep (when in actual fact I've had about 4!). I'm also taking this Sephora eye mask as it's the perfect size for my bag and it'll also soothe me on the plane.

I tend to get very sweaty very easily. The British humidity doesn't seem to be dying down, so I have this Nivea invisible deodorant (this works for me way better than some of the other big brands out there), as well as this hand fan from Poundland. You really don't have to spend a lot for a product to do the job, after all this is only for the trip and can go straight in the bin after!

One of the most important aspects of my travel bag as it will keep me from getting bored. It's an absolute must that I include the following: my phone, my camera, my kindle and my headphones. I need to listen to music when travelling otherwise I feel like time is going by ever so slow. What if I feel like reading though, but I don''t want to be stuck with loads of heavy books? That's why those things come in handy. I am very much a person who is all about options. Even if I don't use all of these things, I'd have a meltdown if they weren't there because otherwise I'd be forced to just look out the window. That's when the anxiety and freak outs start, so I'd like to think of my devices as calming pills!

And obviously don't forget your chargers - I like to bring a portable one so I never have to worry about searching for a plug.

Saving space.
I don't tend to take huge handbags with me when flying as I really don't need the extra weight quite frankly. The trick is to downsize. Instead of taking my huge purse full of receipts, I have this cute little one. I bought this coin purse from Primark for £4, and it's just the right size for my cash and card. Also, perfume is must, but again all my bottles are quite big. However instead of going without and having to spray myself endless at Duty Free, I love taking mini bottles. The one I have today is from Avon (gifted by my auntie), but other places you could try is Zara. Their scents not only smell incredible, but in my opinion are copies of really high-end brands. All of their original perfumes come in handbag-friendly sizes, and are around £7.

Keeping organised.
In the midst of all the airport panic, the last thing I want to worry about is my boarding pass and passport. I love to buy a really cheap plastic wallet for it all and any other important paperwork needed. Keeping all of it stashed here means you know exactly where it is when you need it, plus your bag won't be overflowing and messy. Add a pen in there as well, as you never know when one might come in handy.

I also bought these cheap cases for my sunglasses, so they don't get dirty and I will be able to spot them easily as well.

I have currently 30 minutes before my mother yells at me to get into the taxi. I'll be in Morocco until Sunday, so stay connected with me via Instagram to see what I get up to this week! Stay tuned for outfit lookbooks - think black, black and more black!


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