Tuesday, 11 October 2016

nyx full throttle lipstick: swatched and reviewed.

You would think being the lipstick hoarder I am I would have a good selection of reds - yet I only have one, which I am getting tired of. I was in need of a change, and these two immediately caught my eye! I haven't seen this one advertised much so I quickly swatched the colours, bought both on a whim and off I went. 

This tale didn't have a very good start. Just as I walked out the shop, eager to put my new lipstick to the test, the damn thing broke and I saw red - literally, all over my new bag, my jacket and hands. I thought I'd give this product the benefit of doubt though, it may have just been a bad batch I convinced myself. So the nice sales assistant kindly swapped it for a fresh one. 

Loaded on the left and Con Artist on the right
The two colours I purchased were 'Con Artist' and 'Loaded', which actually looked very similar to each once on my lips. Con Artist is more of your classic red, but a tad darker, whilst Loaded has more of a purple undertone.
Con Artist swatched with no flash
Loaded swatched with no flash
I just expected these lipsticks to be a typical satin finish. Once I applied it though, I found that after a good couple of minutes they dried completely matte - on a serious Mac level we are talking about! I have loads of liquid lipsticks that basically do the same thing, but I've never come across an actual lipstick like it so the idea is genius. It means that these little beauties are sized perfectly for any kind of bag, from the oversized to your tiny clutches.
Overall, they do look amazing when actually on the lips - the only problem is trying to get it on properly. These lipsticks are damn hard to produce a decent kind of shape. You'd think applying a lipliner on underneath, which I did, would help but I still found it extremely difficult when getting closer to the outline of my lips. So here I am then giving it a go with a lip brush, to make it that bit more precise, but the more layers I was adding the worse it was getting. This leads me onto my next big issue with this: the texture is, how can I best describe it, clunky. My comparisons to Mac couldn't be more spot on, because just as Mac's notorious 'Ruby Woo' can feel awfully dry and heavy on the lips, so can this! I watched a YouTube video of somebody doing 100 layers of liquid lipstick, and I swear after about 3 layers of these lipsticks and I felt like I might as well have went the whole hog to 100! 

Con Artist swatched with no flash

Loaded swatched with no flash

Another problem is how patchy they can be, but going back to my last point, if you try and fix it you then have the added dilemma of it feeling like clay. Con Artist wasn't so bad, however if you turn to my shot of Loaded you can still see some patchy areas - and that's after a lot of layers might I add. You can also see it bleeding round the edges too.

I didn't want to sound like a debbie downer. It's frustrating because these colours are truly beautiful, nyx just really need to sort out their formulas and they would have nailed this! However they were only £5.50 each, so I'm just relieved I didn't fork out that much for them.


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