Monday, 3 October 2016

september 2016 favourites.

Since last month was my holiday, I was able to buy and try out loads of new goodies. So here's a few of the fashion and beauty items that I just couldn't get enough of recently.

All things beauty.

Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette: No need to fork out shed loads to get your glow on, this palette will do the job for you and more! I've tried loads of highlighters out recently, cheap and expensive, but they just don't work. For some reason they only ever look good on my nose and eyes, but when it comes to my cheeks it always results in a patchy mess - regardless of whatever techniques I try! This is an absolute exception. The colours feel and apply to the skin just like butter. The shimmer isn't overloaded with huge specks of glitter, and instead gives more of a glossy, "I just jumped out of the sea", look. 

NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic: Even though I bought this way back in August, it took a little longer to grow on me - hence why it is now featured on my September favourites. For a while I went through a stage of wearing cooler nuder colours, so this was way different to my usuals. However now I'm obsessed with it and is probably the only thing I use nowadays. It reminds me a lot of Kat Von D's Lolita liquid lipstick, but a lot warmer with more of a red undertone - and a hell of a lot cheaper too!

Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Trendsetter: This was hyped up so much I wasn't sure if I'd appreciate it. The way the lipliner glides on so smoothly, along with it being such a beautifully warm taupe colour, I will unashamedly admit that I'm a self-proclaimed follower of this product too now. I am such a lipliner hoarder, and happy to add this to my growing collection. It is strong enough to wear on it's own or great along with another product *my go-to at the moment has been pairing this with Nyx's Exotic liquid lipstick, as featured endlessly on my instagram lip pics*. 

Kat Von D 'Tattoo Liner' Liquid Liner in Trooper: Since I have fallen in love with liquid liners all over again, I have made it my mission to find 'the one'. Just when I lost hope, my sister gave away this travel size version she got as part of a gift set. Well her loss was my gain! This applicator makes it so much easier to get precise lines, as well as being flexible enough to reach those tough edges. It's not super black, but add a few coats and it gets a perfectly natural looking wing. What I love most about this product though is the fact that I can wear it all day, reappling layer after layer, and it does not crack one bit! So as soon as this one has finally been used up, I will definitely be buying it full-sized.

All things fashion.

Drawstring Bucket Bag from Mango: It took a while for me to press the buy button for this one, but I'm glad I did because I've worn it nonstop this past month. It's just such a nice everyday bag, and a perfect size too to fit all my crap in! I have my share of black handbags, but the design of this one is so different to anything I own. I purchased it on one of the asos sales - but is currently sold out now sorry! Bucket bags are everywhere right now though, so get searching and choose your pick.

Cap from Topshop: I featured this cap on my last post, and since I having been wearing it whenever and wherever possible it was only appropriate to be on this post too! I remember saying I would never be one of those hijabis that wore hats - no hate to those that do, but I just never thought it was a good look. Well look who's finally joined the club!

Sliders for Another item that was featured in my holiday post were these black fur sliders. These were plastered all over the likes of my instagram explore page, so I gave in and bought them. There are a few brands online that are doing their best puma copies (the OG sliders), and I think these ones are definitely up there. They are just such a fantastic quality for the price, and super comfy too. It may be getting colder outside in the UK, but it won't stop me rocking these.

Novelty Purse from Primark: This cute little thing made me so happy when I spotted it, I just couldn't resist. Since I didn't want to unnecessarily carry around a heavy purse on my trip to morocco, I bought this to accompany me instead. It came in a few colours, but I purchased the greyish lavender one *of course*. It's such a fun piece, and even managed to bring a smile out of this moody cashier I encountered the other day!


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