Saturday, 1 October 2016

morocco day four.

The final day was travel day, and all about the comfort. Just because I'm going on a plane doesn't mean my dress game should drop. And I think I nailed the perfect balance of feeling and looking equally as good.

We had loads packed into the morning of leaving Morocco, so I knew that I had to wear something super lightweight. The last thing I wanted was to feel sweaty before even getting on the plane. Before I went on holiday, I was nonstop searching for some kind of grey edgy hoodie, but the problem was they were all far too thick and lined in fleece. The beauty with this hooded sweatshirt is that it's cotton. I just think it's so cool looking, it definitely brought out the urban in me!

Keeping the urban vibes going, this topshop cap was a perfect fit for this outfit. I hate when hats are too structured, so the fact that it doesn't have much shape made me gravitate straight to it. ET NOIR (and black)... need I say more? 

Damnnnn these sliders. Never in a million years did I think I would wear something like these beauties! And truth be told, when the puma ones first came out a friend and I laughed at them, with me joking "yeah could you imagine me wearing these whilst whisking away to somewhere exotic". Well then I joined the hype and realised how much I needed them in my life - problem was they were all sold out. So I made do with this great copycat version. No it's not the real deal but they still look amazing, and definitely got a lot of attention from the locals. Plus they cost a fraction of the price! Now that's one happy Dina.  

Leggings (petite size for all my fellow short asses)


  1. Sliders are kind of like the new crocs but better looking. As chavy as they look sometimes, I strangely love the trend! x

    1. haha very accurate, except I am fully on board this trend - crocs still give me nightmares!



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