Monday, 14 November 2016

mac liptensity: the review.

Now I have to be honest, I never actually knew about the launch of this collection - well that was until I was in a mad rush trying to find a new lipstick for a wedding (but I guess all the best things happen in those moments of madness right).

I walked into the mac store, and these lipsticks really do live up to their name, because it was the intensity that caught my eye immediately. I don't know if it was the cool matte packaging or the rich colours, but it's just so full on I was instantly drawn to them. They have a selection of 24 different colours, all ranging from your burnt oranges, deep purples and quite a nice variety of nudes too. After swatching a few different shades on the back of my hand, I finally settled on 'Dionysus' (which set me back £17.50 - way more than I'd normally be willing to pay for a mac lipstick because honestly they aren't my favourites).

Online this lipstick is described as a deep plum, but I would say it reminds me more of a dark cherry or vintage wine. For a person who's used to ultra mattes, this was completely out of my comfort zone. With it having a gel-like feel, the consistency is very similar to mac's cremesheen lipsticks. If that leads you to believe that the colour wouldn't be strong, doubt no more because the colour never lacked one bit when I wore this. With one swipe (see swatches below), the pigmentation is absolutely insane. It's really rich and luxurious looking, and will definitely get you a few looks heading your way.

Initially in the mac store I was swaying more towards 'double fudge', but I noticed that it looked quite patchy on. This however was much better in comparison, and without even anything on underneath as a base. Once I had my makeup properly done, with powder on too, I found that it stuck to my lips even better than I had imagined.  

It's not all a garden of roses though, and I think you need to be aware of a few things before getting carried away. Even with a primer and prep on, you will most likely have an obvious line towards the inner part of your lips. That part of your mouth with the formula of this lipstick literally acts in the same way oil and water does - they separate. And the fact that this product is so vivid in colour, works as a negative when it comes to this because it makes it that much more noticeable. *The way I avoided this was by fading the colour out towards the centre, giving it more of an ombre effect. And if you have any sense in you, use a brush because there's no way you're doing anything without one* 

Problem two: This stains like hell. It will stain your lips, your hands and any other things that crosses it's path. Make sure to avoid all contact with people, and whatever you do, do not get it on anyone's clothes because you will be forking out the dry cleaning bill! Leading onto my last point, this stuff may leave it's mark, but ironically it doesn't last that long either. By that I mean the glossy, bold part of the colour that draws you in in the first place tends to rub off pretty quickly. That's when you're left with the stained aftermath.

Look, this lipstick was great in that moment of madness I needed it in. BUT, if you were to find me a brand that offers the same deep tone as this mac one, then I'd probably be all for it. Because £17.50 is a bit pricey in my book for a product that can be a bit of a hassle to deal with. Saying that though, trying this out really makes you understand the name, because it certainly lives up to the intense hype.. just with a few hidden bonuses that won't bring you much joy I'm afraid. 


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