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october 2016 favourites.

October was a good month in the fashion department, with even a few new foodie things as well. I haven't been shopping a lot this passed month to be honest, so you'll be glad to discover that some of what I'm about to reveal were right on budget.

All of the items I purchased this month was before I started working again, so I had to be very wise when it came to spending (well for the most part of it I tried). I normally go crazy on makeup but to my surprise, I held back quite a lot - now payday exists for me again, I have a feeling that's all about to change!

All things beauty and health. 

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in 'Punjab': Yep there's only one beauty favourite on my list today, and although it's not the newest product out there I thought it still deserves a mention. So, before I gave this ago I actually went off Nars foundations big time! Whatever formula I tried, they just never really sat right on my skin - and that's before my skin even went threw the bad stages. Fast forward to the last few months, and my forehead has taking an absolute dive! I have had a serious breakout of spots, to the point that my lovely father and grandmother decided to point this fact out. All my other go-to foundations, concealers, colour correctors (etc.), were no longer aiding the horror. So one day I decided to nick some of this foundation from my mother's stash, and I was relatively surprised how smoothly it settled on my skin. It applies very evenly, and has an almost velvety yet glowy finish. I found that a little goes a long way, so it really is worth the price as you don't need to use a lot at a time. My shade is in 'punjab', and I have to say I don't think I've ever really been able to find a prodcut that matches my skin tone quite like this one.

Amisa Lactose Free Chocolate and Coconut Covered Rice Cakes: So fun fact, for the past 7 weeks I've been on a diet for my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) called the FODMAP diet. I won't go into the details of this too much, but I've basically had to cut out a lot of food that doesn't tend to digest well. Examples of this (just so you can feel my pain), has been ingredients like milk, wheat, high fructose fruits like apples and mangos, pulses and grains, onions and garlic. Now the first few that I mentioned aren't really a big deal, but as an arab to totally eliminiate garlic and onions from the menu has been absolute torutre becuase we put it in EVERYTHING! It couldn't have come at a worse time as I've recently upped my training at the gym, so finding pre-gym snacks has been a struggle. No longer can I have my go-to hummus and carrot sticks or dates with almond butter, and there's only so much porridge a girl can take!

I was watching a YouTube video, when the vlogger happened to mention these rice cakes. I researched them and found that they were wheat free, gluten free, lactose free, organic, vegan - the list goes on! Also the macro and sugar levels are generally quite low. With it being 85 calories, 12g of carbs, 3.2g fat and 4 grams of sugar per rice cake, it means I can get my sweet tooth fix whilst not feeling the slightest bit of guilt! Plus they are super cheap - sorted!

All things fashion.

Zara Bucket Bag: This was an accidental purchase that I made in Morocco. I tried to tell the sales assistant that I wouldn't be buying it, but as he was joking that he'd never heard anyone talk as fast as me before he put the bag through - I guess that taught me a lesson! However I think everything happens for a reason, because me and this beauty have not parted ways since. It's a little on the pricier side at £39.99, and normally I would never spend that much on a bag (I just convince my sisters to so I can steal them later on), BUT I'm glad I did because it's just so fierce. I said on instagram when I was showing it off that it makes me want to go out and kick ass, and it truly does!

Zara Embroidered Safari Jacket: Another Zara buy that I made in Morocco was this khaki jacket. I was in need in one for a while, and then I saw this. Not only did the front win me round already, but then I turned to the back and oh lord it screamed my name! My mum was blasting my sister and I for spending too much, but as soon as I tried this on she pushed me to buy it. I just think it's so quirky and fun, and with the added embroidery is bag on trend. As an added bonus it doubles up as a shirt, so there's loads of different ways to style it! It comes up about thigh length on me, which gives it a real comfy oversized feel - perfect for those days when I'm feeling like a blob and need to cover a bit more. And since being back in the UK, this jacket has got quite the reaction from people passing by.

Primark Silver Statement Necklace: Primark is really winning me round lately, starting with this piece here. If you haven't stopped by there, please go do so because they really have some amazing fashion and accessory bits. This necklace for example only cost me I think £5, which is a total bargain considering it looks so much more than that! Since then I have seen some other on trend duplicates, including small box bags, cropped jumpers and even contour palettes, that's a fraction of a price compared to other big brands out there.

H&M Metal and Rope Statement Necklace: Next statement necklace is this silver and black rope one. I was in a last minute frenzy trying to track down a piece of jewellery to finish off an outfit I was planning to wear the next day. Just as I lost hope, up pops this one and I knew it would be perfect. It's not overly big in size, but the detail totally makes up for that. It's rope, metal and even features a bit of beading. It's a little bit more expensive than the last, at £9.99, but still cheaper than most you see out there at the moment. 

H&M Sports Tights: I mentioned in my last post how I've been taking gym a bit more seriously these past few months - so it was time to step up my gym gear as well. I really went off sports leggings since buying one once from Primark, that turned out to look really unflattering. With my chunky thighs and big hips, polyester really does not help matters. However these ones from H&M break through those preconceptions I've always had - to the point where I'd say they actually make my legs look.. dare I say it.. skinnier *gasp*! Another pet peeve I used to have against sports leggings like these is how the fabric would go really baggy after a while. Well these fit like a glove, and do not budge one bit. Also, the high-rise finish means that I don't have to feel self-conscious and can just get on with my workout.  


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