Monday, 28 November 2016

unconventional wedding guest.

Weddings, the occasion to wear lots of... black?

Yep you read correctly. No I'm not going to some funeral dressed like this, but a lavish Asian wedding - an event you'd normally associate with vibrant colours and head-to-toe embroidery (basically the exact opposite of me). And then I show up like this. Well it's not like I intentionally go out of my way to be the most visibly different person in the room. I just think you should accommodate any event to your particular style, and my world happens to revolve around black, black and more black... 

I'm not the most elegant of girls, and I can happily say my days of tottering around in heels and dresses 24/7 are far behind me - blame it on the age. So weddings would be an occasions that I used to dread because I was always expected to be someone I'm not. However a few years back I started experimenting, and found that things like trouser suits matched my personality a lot better, giving off a cool, androgynous vibe that I just love. However when I saw this dress online, I knew even then I should step it up a gear and move out of my comfort zone just a bit.

This dress and trousers, although both from Pretty Little Thing, aren't actually a combo set. However, since they are from the same place the likelihood of the satin fabric matching was high. I knew they would look good together... but it was even better than what I expected. Even my mum, who was initially hesitant about my outfit idea, was the first to say how great it looked on. This fabric is just so slinky and flattering, and not at all see through. Although the dress hides it, I am in love with the drape at the front of the trousers! It is perfect for hiding all those lumps and bumps we all loathe!

The only problem I had, which is totally personal, was that the trousers came up a little short when I moved around (I'm 5ft 3in tall). With my never-ending height problems, meant that the drape effect of the dress didn't quite sit right on my frame either - and beware, the dip of the neckline is quite deep too. Since I didn't want my legs on show and wanted the shape to be more fitting, I got my trusty seamstress to make all the adjustments I needed. So if you wondering why the bottom of my trousers has an extra pattern piece, that's the reason. 

Then to finish off the look, I went for these understated strappy sandals (which were a pain in the ass to walk in by the way!!), and beaded metal necklace.

I have never felt this boss-like and glamorous in a while. Whoever tries to push you in a particular box of what a wedding outfit should be like, I say screw them. I think this ensemble proves that you don't have to be like everyone else to get a bit of attention.. and for all the right reasons!



*If you want to know the specific customisations I had done, just comment down below*


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