Tuesday, 28 February 2017

too good to you.

I was partly excited for the drake concert to come round as we would finally be meeting in person as opposed to in my head *as we have been for years now*. And the other half of me couldn't wait to show off the outfit I had been planning for months.

Yes, I said months, call me over the top! For any occasion, whether that be a birthday celebration, holiday or even a short stop to the airport, I can't help but manifest every detail of what I want to wear. I'm all for comfort, but for this concert specifically I knew I had to bring a bit of glam to the game  - even if that did mean limping uncomfortably in the cold at 12.30am in the middle of London. I wanted something a bit urban mixed with some nighttime sass, whilst still looking understated. I might have planned this for months, but nobody wants to be looking like the desperado in the corner who's outfit is screaming HEY LOOK AT ME, THE ONE OVER HERE WHO'S TRYING TOO HARD. The aim is to look like the cool kid in the room who just so happened to rock up.

In all honesty my look would have ticked all of the above if my original idea hadn't fell through a little. Initially I wanted to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans - if you read my last post, you'd know that I've been obsessed with them lately. But the problem was I couldn't find one pair in black that fit me nicely (forget nicely, how about even making it past my thighs). *Damn the curse of the female amawi thunder thighs*. Just as I gave up all hope, and on the brink of a breakdown in the middle of the changing rooms, I decided to give these pleated trousers a shot. I never thought ankle cut straight trousers would be my thing, but these really surprised me. They are super comfy, and very flattering on the backside in particular ladies. It was a toss up between these, or the skinny flared trousers I already owned at home (which dare I say it, kinda made me look like 90's sabrina the teenage witch - a route I did not want to revisit!). 

Two items I'd never thought would exist in my life: lace camis and perspex boots. Yet that being said I love how this promiscuous little number paired with the white bodysuit I wore dressed it down to something a little more edgy. And with the boots, in a style that has been forced down our necks by every fashion brand known to man, I have to say I'm a changed woman. I've always swayed away from these because I hate how the majority of these boots only come in a round toe, however as soon as I tried them on I was sold. The chrome heel is a nice touch instead of the usual stark gold or silver, and maybe the fact that they went down to £8 kinda had something to do with my decision. Regardless of what I said earlier on, they really are comfy as well.. maybe just try not walking around for three hours and dancing on your feet for another two, and you will be good to go!

Fast forward to the concert, and it totally blew my tainted perception of what r&b/pop concerts can be like. I always feel that artists in that particular genre either show up far too late or just put on a really short performance. Although the set wasn't super long, champagne papi delivered it - and oh boy is he a smooth talker. I'm always the wednesday addams in the room, bringing a cloud to every event, but even drake got me up and dancing! Yes people, dancing. And although I may have resembled the drunk uncle at the wedding, throwing a few hotline bling moves out there too, I did not care one bit.

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